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Feedback : Beware of Suspect Medicines

LV writes in Dear MMR, I am a medical student studying at The University of Sydney, Australia. My brother is using the medicinal product made in Malaysia called Kian Pee Wan, until we read on your site that Kian Pee

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Link to our sister blog Alternatives to Medicine

You might have noticed, but we have created a full fledged blog, Alternatives to Medicine as our sister site, to inform and educate the public on dubious “medical therapies” and outright quackery. The link can be found under the Public

Mengkudu (Noni) does not work for diabetes mellitus

Honestly I don’t know how silly and naive people can be believing all sorts of nonsense and misinformation their friends, neighbours or relatives. Doc Chan posts a nice pic of a Glucometer reading 18.2 mmol/l, he says: It’s amazing how