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Mother ‘paralysed after being injected with cleaning fluid’

(source BUPA) Such is the dramatic headline in the DailyMail UK. Rather curious because paralysis as a result of a lumbar puncture or an epidural as in this case, is practically unheard of (despite the fear amongst some Malaysians). Later

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Holidaymaker returns from Malaysia with flat worm in her arm

The Daily Mail reports A holidaymaker returned from Malaysia with a six-centimetre flatworm lodged in her arm. Emily Buckley, 28, now faces surgery to remove the parasite at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Doctors treating Emily said flatworms, linked

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Mycobacterial infection and Tattoos

In Tattoos – Decoration or Dangerous Fad? we mentioned some possible complications as a result of Tattos – allergy to the ink used – if the tatoo artist has poor hygiene practice (especially if they re-use needles) you are at

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