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New Guidance on CPD from the MMC

Dear Medical Practitioners, Please be informe that the MMC has issued new guidance on CPD Activities. The documents are: Quality standards for CPD activities Approval Process for CPD Activities Review Committees of the CPD activities All doctors and CPD providers

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Attention doctors: the MMC wants to hear from you re draft of the 2019 Code of Professional Conduct

** IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR DOCTORS ** : The MMC has posted a draft for the Code of Professional Conduct 2019 and is requesting feedback from doctors. The link to the full draft of the MMC Code of Professional Conduct is

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Medical News Roundup for 2018

How quickly a year ends, and what a year 2018 has been. For the Malaysian Health and Medical sector there have been quite a number of major milestones achieved and some stunning news as well. Before we begin, please note