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The worst reasons why people visit A&E

A&E stands for Accident & Emergencies but for some reason people seem to think it stands for “All & Everything”. The A&E is not a polyclinic to treat all your minor ailments. Non-urgent cases do clog up the A&E services

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BCG Vaccination – columnists and medical students don’t know it all

Neither do we know it all for that matter. But it got our attention when Erna Mahyuni wrote in the Malaysian Insider article When our future doctors know nothing Up pipes one lone voice saying, “No, TB is still around,

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Semen good for women it seems

In what must be the most bizzare news of the week, some Women are defending a doctor for using his semen to cure them Some people think that semen is a great cure for morning sickness and bad acne problems,

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