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Fad dieting

Fad dieting is an increasing problem in the West. It’s not so much an issue here in Malaysia and I hope it won’t be. On the contrary obesity from over eating and lack of exercise are our biggest problems at

Private practice – state of Health 2013

I know it’s 2014 already but most of the points made by Dr. Steven Chow, President of the FPMPAM, still hold true, including the hue and cry over the recent increase in medical fees after 12 years. Reposted from the

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Hot news: Changes to Houseman postings and compulsory MQE for all?

Just read in a doctors group (and posted it right away in the MMR Facebook Page) – Minimum HO working hours will be 65-75 hours per week – New HO postings will be Primary Care and Psychiatry (in addition to

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