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This page lists the major Private hospitals in Malaysia with in-patient care facilities. We link only those with websites or an official Social medical presence (e.g. Facebook page) where you can visit for more detailed information.
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KPJ Sibu Specialist Medical Centre

Work No 52A-G, Brooke Drive Sibu Sarawak 96000 Malaysia Work Phone: +6084 – 329900 Work Fax: +6084 – 327700 Website:

Sibu Specialist Medical Centre is a private medical facility located in the heart of Sibu. The 21st Network Hospital under the flagship of KPJ Healthcare Berhad is ready to serve you better. Sibu Specialist is among the “Preferred Healthcare Providers” in the state of Sarawak and aims to deliver quality healthcare services to cater to our customers’ needs, comfort and convenience.

Columbia Asia Hospital Miri

Work Lot 1035 – 1039 Jalan Bulan Sabit, CDT 155 Miri Sarawak 98009 Malaysia Work Phone: +6085 437 755 Website:

Columbia Asia Hospital-Miri was acquired in 1998. Located 4km from downtown Miri, it is a fully licensed community hospital in the state of Sarawak, East Malaysia. It serves the communities of Miri, Limbang, Marudi also Brunei, among others. Shell Oil started in Miri as the town thrives on its oil reserves. As such, Shell employees make up the largest customer base of this hospital.

Timberland Medical Centre

Work Lot 5164-5165, Block 16 KCLD 2 1/2 Mile, Rock Road Taman Timberland Kuching Sarawak 93250 Malaysia Work Phone: +6082-234466 Work Fax: +6082-232259 Website:

Timberland Medical Centre is a private medical centre wholly owned by Mestika Unik Sdn Bhd. It is located at 3rd Mile Jalan Rock, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Timberland Medical Centre started its operation in April 1994. We continue to improve and upgrade our service standards and facilities, and strive to provide the best and most up-to-date medical care for our clients.

Normah Medical Specialist Centre

Work Lot 937, Section 30 KTLD Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Petra Jaya Kuching Sarawak 93050 Malaysia Work Phone: +60 82 440055 Work Fax: +60 82 442600 Website:

Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC) was officially opened in August 1988. It is the first and is currently the largest purpose built private medical centre in the State of Sarawak. Owned by Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Sarawak State Financial Secretary (SFS) Incorporation, it operates as a not for-profit organization. It is 16 km from Kuching International Airport and 7 km from Kuching City downtown. This first local private hospital has come a long way — from being a 130-bed medical and surgical non-profit centre to a world-class healthcare provider today.

KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital

Work Lot 10420, Block 11 Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre Jalan Setia Raja Kuching Sarawak 93350 Malaysia Work Phone: +6082-365-777 (General) Work Phone: +6082-365-030 (Emergency) Work Fax: +6082-364-666 Website:

The established 4-storey Kuching Specialist hospital, compact in design and furnished to international standards is located within the Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre, Tabuan Laru and is approximately 10km from Kuching City. Kuching Specialist Hospital will be a one-stop hospital offering a wide range of outpatient and inpatient specialist services ranging from prevention, diagnosis and treatment of wide range of diseases and medical conditions to anaesthetics procedures. There are also health screening packages that we specially designed to meet the needs of individuals in the different age groups.

Columbia Asia Hospital Bintulu

Work Lot 3582, Block 26, Jalan Tan Sri Ikhwan Kemena Land District Tanjung Kidurong Bintulu Sarawak 97000 Malaysia Work Phone: +6086 251 888 Website:

Columbia Asia Hospital-Bintulu is a neighborhood hospital in Kidurong, a prime industrial area which is one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LPG) producers. Launched in 2010, it serves the areas of Kemena Industrial Park, Jepak Industrial Park, Kidurong Light Industrial Park and Bintulu Light Industrial Park. The hospital delivers healthcare services to employees of the oil, gas and timber industries; all of which are anchors of Bintulu economy.

Miri City Medical Centre

Home Lot 916-920 & 1203, Jalan Hokkien CDT 100 Miri Sarawak 98009 Malaysia Work Phone: +6085-426622 Work Phone: +6085-438096 Website:

Miri City Medical Centre is a 30-bedded primary and secondary care Hospital, wholly owned by Miri United Healthcare Sdn Bhd. It commenced operation on 1st July 2002 and has since then undergone stages of upgrading and expansion of the facilities and services. To date, it is considered as one of the most well established private medical centre in the city of Miri and is the medical centre of prime choice for a large portion of people in Miri and its surrounding areas.

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