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This page lists Dental schools in Malaysia, both Public and Private.
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A note about recognition:
The list of recognized Dental schools is maintained by the Malaysian Dental Council and you can view the Registrable Qualifications from their website

SEGi University Faculty of Dentistry

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The SEGi University Faculty of Dentistry is committed to producing the best graduates who are skilled and knowledgeable while also maintaining excellent standards of teaching and delivering highly professional clinical services.

The Faculty boasts its own dental clinic with practicing in-house dentists. Here, students are given hands-on practical sessions, which provide them with an insight into what working with both dentists and patients alike. The dental clinic comes complete with a reception, a waiting area and a dental records room, and is tailored to meet industry standards, undergoing regular spot checks by various health agencies. In addition, the dental clinic offers services and treatment to students, lecturers and other staff, as well as to the public.