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A note about recognition:
The list of Medical Schools Recognised is maintained by the MMC and can be viewed from their website. You are however advised to always contact the MMC Secretariat in case there are changes not reflected in the list.

Public Medical Schools

Perdana University RCSI

Work PU-RCSI School of Medicine Perdana University Block B and D1 MAEPS Building, MARDI Complex Jalan MAEPS Perdana , , , Serdang Selangor 43400 Malaysia Work Phone: 603 8941 8646 Work Fax: +603 8941 766 Website:

In collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), the PU-RCSI School of Medicine at Perdana University (PU) is pleased to provide an education programme relevant to national needs in Malaysia and to international expectations.

The ethos of the PU-RCSI School of Medicine is founded on the principle that the patient’s interest is paramount in clinical teaching, medical practice and research.

The objective of the PU-RCSI School of Medicine is to provide the education and experience that will enable its graduates to enter postgraduate training in any speciality of medicine.

The PU-RCSI School of Medicine undergraduate curriculum provides the student with the basic science and molecular medicine foundations of medical practice. The programme features early clinical competencies acquisition and patient contact.

The curriculum uniquely features health-promotion as well as disease prevention and treatment. Students will learn to understand the influence of health and disease on the individual, family and society and how to approach clinical conditions in a broad context, appreciating the personal and social dimension as well as biomedical basis.

The PU-RSCI School of Medicine curriculum and training equips students with the intellectual and personal attributes to enable sound clinical decision-making and judgement, and search for best-evidence to guide practice. The programme features early carefully guided self-study methods progressing to self-directed learning and extensive use of information technology including Moodle.

Students acquire during the 5 year programme the understanding and clinical competence to deliver, under supervision, a high level of patient care and the ability to communicate and interact effectively with patients and colleagues. Students will be prepared to take progressively increasing levels of clinical responsibilities and to develop leadership roles for future healthcare provision in Malaysia.

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PU-RCSI School of Medicine Perdana University Block B and D1 MAEPS Building, MARDI Complex Serdang Selangor 43400 Malaysia

Private Medical Schools