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Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences Faculty of Pharmacy

Work CUCMS Main Campus No. 3410, Jalan Teknokrat 3 Cyber 4 Cyberjaya Selangor 63000 Malaysia Work Phone: +603 8313 7000 Work Fax: +603 8313 7001 Website:

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) programme at CUCMS is a four year course (8 semesters) that prepares students in becoming well-groomed, well-mannered pharmacists, knowledgeable in all aspects related to drugs, medicine and pharmaceutical care as well as being innovative in their related field.

The content of the courses offered in this programme aims to prepare students for different pharmaceutical fields such as hospital, community, industry, academics, research and enforcement. Besides that, students are trained in military pharmacy as well as pharmacy management in disaster and humanitarian relief situation. They are also exposed in their early years to the teamwork spirit amongst CUCMS pharmacy and medical students and building self-confidence as well as interacting through various academic and co-curricular activities such as student-centred-learning (SCL), clinical health exposure and training (CHET), Young MERCY programme and many more.

Designated hospitals under the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense will be used for training and practical attachment for CUCMS pharmacy students. In addition to that, students will be placed under a few community pharmacies and industrial pharmacies throughout their study years in CUCMS.

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CUCMS Main Campus No. 3410, Jalan Teknokrat 3 Cyberjaya Selangor 63000 Malaysia

Recognised Schools of Pharmacy

You can view a list of Recognised Schools of Pharmacy by the Pharmacy Board.
We do not vouch for the accuracy or up-to-date-ness of this list so you are advised to contact the Pharmacy Board if you have any queries.