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HPV Vaccination – MOH viewpoint and more points to ponder

From the DG’s Facebook page In the case of HPV vaccination our experience showed that the HPV is well tolerated. The side effects commonly reported are mild and within the accepted range of reported rates. In view of enormous public

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There’s more to life than $$$ and Ferraris

There’s a story going round the Intertubes lately, about a young Singaporean doctor, who at the prime of his life was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. At the age of 40 years he became a millionaire practicing aesthetic medicine and

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The Cancer Challenge

The Cancer Challenge is a 4000Km bicycle ride from Darwin to Melbourne, to be undertaken by Dr. Ong Wee Loon, spanning the period from 6 August 2012 till 22 September 2012. He hopes to raise AUD 50,000 for the Cancer

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