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Improving Diabetic Care in Malaysia

(image credit : The Star) By Dato’ Dr. Lee Yan San (Consultant Physician & Medical advisor to Penang Diabetic Society) Diabetes Mellitus is becoming more common and is a major cause of severe medical complications and early death. Fortunately, although

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Talk: Update on Diabetes Mellitus

Mark your Calendar – Dr. TK Khoo will be giving a couple of lectures at the IMU Seremban clinical school October 7,2015: – Updates on Diabetes Mellitus – Specialty training in the USA. He will be speaking from the US

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The Diabetic Eye Photo Project

via the Dobbs Doctors Forum post: Diabetic Eye Screening in PJ Diabetic retinopathy from the MSO website Diabetic retinopathy is a serious eye complication which may come about after years of having diabetes mellitus. Screening is an important component of

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