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The DOBBS Network Illustrated

DOBBS stands for Doctors Only Bulletin Board System and is our online community for doctors which we have been running for 18 years now, since 2000.It is a completely free platform run by Malaysian doctors for Malaysian doctors.It has grown

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Revamping our Doctors Forum and new Job page

Big news!Our Doctors Only Bulletin Board System (DOBBS, founded in 2000) for years has started off and has been maintained as a web board/forum. The current version, hosted at https://forum.mydobbs.net is due for a refresh.  The reboot of DOBBS web

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The top Malaysian Doctors Forum is…

Google knows! DOBBS is the pioneer and largest forum for qualified Malaysian medical doctors (yes, medical students have to wait till after they graduate) It stands for Doctors Only Bulletin Board System. Running on multiple platforms, it is the place

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