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Join DOBBS Docquity and stand a chance to win RM1000

Dear Doctors, Docquity is a mobile platform solely for medical Doctors. It is adopted as the official app for doctors by the MMA and other leading medical associations in ASEAN. Docquity is also available to Malaysian doctors (with a valid

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Are you a fresh medical graduate?

Recently, one of the members of our Doctors Facebook group, Dobbs FB, herself a fresh graduate asked: Hello all Doctors, What would you recommend us, the newly graduands to do during this long waiting period to be more prepared for

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Calling all Malaysian doctors

Our Malaysian doctors community, DOBBS (which stands for Doctors Only Bulletin Board System) comprises about 2500 doctors and the number is steadily growing. If you are not part of Dobbs, you are most welcome to join and membership is completely

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