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Post-call accidents – time to revamp the system

(image credit to FMT) In the last few months we have seen couple of young doctors losing their lives in road traffic accidents post call. In May Dr Nurul Wahida Md Noor died in an accident having been on call

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Doctors’ Blogroll updated

We’ve updated our Malaysia Doctors’Blogroll with the addition of Dharmaraj Karthikesan’s Blog which is a well written collection of blog posts that reflects the life of a doctor in Malaysia. We stumbled across this post It’s the doctor’s fault in

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Updated: Doctor Blogroll

Dr. Abdul Hamid wrote in to tell us about his blog: Common Surgical Problems In Clinical Practice Of A Private Community Hospital Thanks for letting us know, Dr. Abdul Hamid! We’ve duly added the link to the MMR Doctor Blogroll

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