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The worst reasons why people visit A&E

A&E stands for Accident & Emergencies but for some reason people seem to think it stands for “All & Everything”. The A&E is not a polyclinic to treat all your minor ailments. Non-urgent cases do clog up the A&E services

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6 hour wait at the Emergency Room? That’s because you don’t really have an Emergency

We mentioned it but the public still seem to think every ailment they present with to the Emergency Rooms needs to be attended to immediately. Malaysian ERs are similar to ERs all over the world and they are really busy

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1 ringgit does not mean you should abuse the Emergency services

Spotted a good blog post over at Tales of a Medical Officer Too many Malaysians abuse and clog up the emergency services for minor illnesses which really should be attended to in a clinic. Then they complain about waiting at

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