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Dear CSL it’s too late to close the barn door as the horse has already bolted

The Star reports on the ex-Health Minister expressing concern about the glut of junior doctors BIDOR: Many junior doctors lack clinical training opportunities due to an oversupply of medical practitioners, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Citing

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50% of housemen in Sabah can’t cope, need retraining

This is the sad state of affairs in Sabah, and possibly even in other states in Malaysia. Is it that the workload is suddenly so bad despite the “glut” of housemen or that the housemen can’t cope for various reasons

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Feedback: Overworked housemen

We received a message from ‘Overworked housemen’ I would like to highlight that housemen are being overworked in the medical department in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Under the Graduate Medical Officer Flexi Timetable system, introduced last September, housemen can only work

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