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The changing landscape of junior doctor jobs in Malaysia

(Picture sourced from – Telegraph UK: Thousands of junior doctors left jobless) Times are a-changing. No longer will fresh medical graduates in the future be reassured of a doctor’s job in Malaysia. It will be a very competitive scenario. We

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Hot news: Changes to Houseman postings and compulsory MQE for all?

Just read in a doctors group (and posted it right away in the MMR Facebook Page) – Minimum HO working hours will be 65-75 hours per week – New HO postings will be Primary Care and Psychiatry (in addition to

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Update: Doctor blogroll & tips for Housemen

We’ve updated our Doctors’ Blogroll with the addition of Housemanship Secrets Revealed in which Ahmad Aidil shares with you his experience, “giving out some tips and secrets on how to be successful during housemanship life”. We think it is a

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