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Press release: Text your Doctor with Doc2Us.com

Doc2Us.com (the name sounds like “Talk To Us”) is a new service in Malaysia which enables patients to communicate with their doctors via text. While not suitable for making diagnosis and certainly not for emergencies (the Doc2Us terms of use

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Telemedicine in Malaysia – coming of age

Telemedicine is something quite new to Malaysians in general, and for both patients as well as doctors. But in this modern era of fast broadband and mobiles, imagine if you could consult with your doctor wherever you are, perhaps from

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Teleconsultation to improve healthcare delivery (II)

This is part two of a series of posts on Teleconsultation (see part I) We touched a bit on Telemedicine and Teleconsultation earlier and nothing is better than a video to illustrate this in action. Here’s an example of Teleconsultation

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