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Death by Alternative medicine

Death by alternative medicine: Who’s to blame? is a great post by Respectful Insolence, one of the Science Blogs I read. The surgeon described how he dutifully did an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration of the small nodule. The results? Adenocarcinoma.

Monitoring Alternatives to Medicine

A gentle reminder that in order to follow our postings on Alternative medicine, health scams and fraud, you may: 1) Check out our Cam watch and Fraud watch threads 2) If you are on Facebook, check out the Beware of

Ginkgo not useful for Alzheimer’s Prevention

via Physician’s First Watch Another large trial shows no benefit from ginkgo biloba extract in preventing Alzheimer disease, researchers report in the Lancet Neurology. Nearly 2900 older adults without dementia who spontaneously reported memory complaints to their physicians were randomized

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