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Doctors conned by the Macau scam

It must sound very convincing that doctors continue to be scammed. Aren’t we supposed to be “highly intelligent” people? Sep 29 2018 NST A doctor lost RM71,000 to a Macau scam after the syndicate succeeded into convincing the woman that

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Update: Professional Societies and associations

Our Professional Societies and associations page has been updated to include the Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head Neck Surgeons If you have any Medical Society or Association which is not listed please feel free to Contact Us to have

Calling all victims of sexual harassment in the KKM

(image from To the victims of the alleged sexual harassment in KKM, the time is NOW to step up and be counted. You can message YB the Minister of Health directly. Blasting in social media won’t resolve the issue.