Ginkgo not useful for Alzheimer’s Prevention

via Physician’s First Watch

Another large trial shows no benefit from ginkgo biloba extract in preventing Alzheimer disease, researchers report in the Lancet Neurology.
Nearly 2900 older adults without dementia who spontaneously reported memory complaints to their physicians were randomized to consume standardized ginkgo biloba extract or placebo for 5 years. Overall, the rate of diagnosis with probable Alzheimer’s did not differ significantly between the ginkgo and placebo groups (1.2 and 1.4 cases per 100 person-years).
The authors note that a lower-than-expected Alzheimer’s rate in both groups reduced the study’s power, while a Lancet Neurology editorialist concludes: “For adults aged 70 years or older with a memory complaint who might be mildly cognitively impaired, use of [ginkgo biloba extract] does not decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease over 5 years.”

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