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MMR Usage and Disclaimer

Usage of the MMR implies agreement with the following terms and conditions. This document is subject to changes from time to time at the discretion of the editors of the MMR.

The MMR is an independent and privately funded website which started in 1996 with the aim of putting in one place, links to all Malaysian Medical and Health websites. The MMR is not affiliated with, and does not specifically endorse any of the websites outside the or domain. The MMR is not affiliated with the Malaysian Government or any NGO. We hope that this website will be of public service to those seeking information and links to Malaysian Medical hospitals, organisations and associations. The MMR is open to all members of the public as well as members of the medical profession.

Advertising Policy
The MMR is supported by advertising links from Google, Text-links and Nuffnang.
Please note that the MMR does not restrict what the Google Ad systems display which are determined by automated scripts.
The MMR is not affiliated with any of the advertising companies/websites and does not specifically endorse any product advertised.
Do note that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving.

Content, Documentation and References
Since the beginning of 2004, the MMR has been designed to be a blog site with posts by Malaysian medical practitioners. Blog posting reflect solely the opinions of the respective authors.
Where external sites are quoted, these will be hyperlinked as references.
References to journals or publications will be quoted as far as possible.

Reader comments and feedback
We welcome feedback and you can either use the Commenting system for each post or send us Feedback. We request that comments made be relevant to the topic posted. We reserve the right to edit/delete any comments we deem not suitable if they are irrelevant, off-topic, contain defamatory, racist, inflammatory remarks, nasty comments or any personal attacks. Users who make such comments may be banned without warning from using the MMR at the discretion of the owners of this blog/website.
In order to curtail Spam, a valid email is required in order to Comment (a verification link will be sent to your inbox).
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Doctors who are also registered with the Dobbs Forum are invited to Contribute as a co-Blogger on the MMR. Those who submit 5 or more articles to the MMR will be entitled (subject to availability – currently about 100 users) to a free POP/IMAP email address with the domain. You also will get to use this as a Webmail and there are features such as mail forwarding, filters and vacation messages.
Just send us Feedback if you wish to be a Co-Blogger.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
The MMR is not meant to provide specific medical consultation or treatment advice to patients. You instead are advised to seek your own doctor for these purposes. Any information you obtain from the MMR should be considered for educational purposes only. The MMR does not solicit or share any patient information with anyone. Any email addresses or individual contact information that you provide in your registration or feedback is not collected or given to anyone or any organisation. We are unable to provide individual emailed replies to your feedback and instead, replies (whenever possible) will be posted as Feedback, without displaying your email address. This website does not use cookies to gather any personally identifiable information.

Last updated April 24, 2013