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An open letter to all first year house officers

via Dr. Eve Teo in the Dobbs Forum Hi there Doctor, Yes you. Not your registrar. Not your boss. Stop looking over your shoulder, you’re a Doctor now. Straighten your stethoscope and listen to a slightly more jaded junior doctor.

Nurse extraordinaire: the story of Sybil Kathigasu

(pic sourced from Malaysiakini) Sybil Kathigasu nee Daly. You will not read of her in Malaysian history schoolbooks but she will be remembered in history as a remarkable woman, a trained nurse who together with her husband Dr. Abdon Clement

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The importance of transparency and data sharing in healthcare

An interesting TED talk where Dr. Stefan Larsson of BCG talks about how transparency of medical outcomes and costs could radically transform the healthcare industry in terms of quality and cost savings. Can we strive for this in the future?

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