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Attention doctors: the MMC wants to hear from you re draft of the 2019 Code of Professional Conduct

** IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR DOCTORS ** : The MMC has posted a draft for the Code of Professional Conduct 2019 and is requesting feedback from doctors. The link to the full draft of the MMC Code of Professional Conduct is

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Calling all victims of sexual harassment in the KKM

(image from To the victims of the alleged sexual harassment in KKM, the time is NOW to step up and be counted. You can message YB the Minister of Health directly. Blasting in social media won’t resolve the issue.

Sexual predators in the medical profession

(image from Our DOBBS forums have been abuzz with news of alleged Sexual Predators in our midst. While these are in the minority, there is absolutely NO PLACE for such people in the medical profession, especially anyone in power