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I hope the title has encouraged you to read this article. It is not meant to be pessimistic but a realistic look at our current situation. The opinions expressed here are personal and do not reflect those of the organisation …

Why we will Fail the Fight Against Zika (Pity our Children) Read More »

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(image credit: the MalayMail online) There’s no doubt about it – the statistics are grim. Dengue has seen a steep rise in 2014 and even higher numbers were seen in 2015. Early on in 2016, we have to brace ourselves …

The dengue vaccine – an open letter to the MOH Read More »

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Do not blame the doctor for dengue The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations, Malaysia (FPMPAM) would like to issue the following comments in response to the comments from the Malaysian heath minister on Jan 28, 2015 that private doctors …

Dengue – don’t just blame the primary care doctors Read More »

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