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The dengue vaccine – an open letter to the MOH

(image credit: the MalayMail online) There’s no doubt about it – the statistics are grim. Dengue has seen a steep rise in 2014 and even higher numbers were seen in 2015. Early on in 2016, we have to brace ourselves

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The anti-vaccine movement is a dangerous one

Parents are easily influenced by what they read on the Internet including social media such as Facebook. It seems there are misguided groups springing up discouraging parents from allowing their kids to be vaccinated. They quote lots of fear mongering

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BCG Vaccination – columnists and medical students don’t know it all

Neither do we know it all for that matter. But it got our attention when Erna Mahyuni wrote in the Malaysian Insider article When our future doctors know nothing Up pipes one lone voice saying, “No, TB is still around,

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