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The changing landscape of junior doctor jobs in Malaysia

(Picture sourced from – Telegraph UK: Thousands of junior doctors left jobless) Times are a-changing. No longer will fresh medical graduates in the future be reassured of a doctor’s job in Malaysia. It will be a very competitive scenario. We

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Hot news: Changes to Houseman postings and compulsory MQE for all?

Just read in a doctors group (and posted it right away in the MMR Facebook Page) – Minimum HO working hours will be 65-75 hours per week – New HO postings will be Primary Care and Psychiatry (in addition to

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Should Shift work for House Officers be abolished?

One may question this after an enlightening letter by a House officer, Dr. Timothy Cheng, who wrote : Revamp current shift system The main issue that gave birth to this shift system was the concern for the well-being of the

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