Hot news: Changes to Houseman postings and compulsory MQE for all?


Just read in a doctors group (and posted it right away in the MMR Facebook Page)

– Minimum HO working hours will be 65-75 hours per week
– New HO postings will be Primary Care and Psychiatry (in addition to the current postings)
and here’s the kicker
– All medical graduates both locals and overseas will need to undergo MQE
I presume this means that the Medical Qualifying Examination will now be compulsory for all? We mentioned this last year – Unified MQE – possibly coming? – and I think it is inevitable if we are serious about maintaining medical standards and ensuring that competent graduates enter the medical system.
It will however be quite a task in view of the huge number of graduates every year so it will be interesting to see how the examination system will cope.

The above news needs to be confirmed so we should wait for the official announcements. In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

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