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Locum Resources update

The Locum Resources Listing has been updated with new jobs available and jobs wanted. A note about changes to the Dobbs Locum Service: Dobbs is the premier forum for Malaysian Doctors which we have been maintaining since 2000. There is

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Announcing the Malaysian Medical Locum Resources web site

We are launching a dedicated sister site to help Malaysian doctors publicise available jobs for doctors – either temporary locum jobs or permanent positions. Changes will be announced in this blog under the Locum category but new job listings should

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Locum position available – Kuantan

Posted in the Dobbs Locum Group From: Butet_star74 [email protected] Phone contact: 0169307447 Type: I am submitting a locum availability Start Date: 16 June 2013 End date: 30 December 2013 Location (town/city): Kuantan Additional description 9am to 1 pm 3.30 to

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