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Internship in Australia (II) – JPA scholars asking for the moon?

There is an ongoing thread in Dobbs, the Malaysian doctors forum Australian-trained doctors ’may be forced overseas’ and basically, Internship (Housemanship) jobs in Australia are relatively scarce compared to the number of medical students being produced. Now JPA scholars studying

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Should Shift work for House Officers be abolished?

One may question this after an enlightening letter by a House officer, Dr. Timothy Cheng, who wrote : Revamp current shift system The main issue that gave birth to this shift system was the concern for the well-being of the

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50% of housemen in Sabah can’t cope, need retraining

This is the sad state of affairs in Sabah, and possibly even in other states in Malaysia. Is it that the workload is suddenly so bad despite the “glut” of housemen or that the housemen can’t cope for various reasons

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