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New Guidance on CPD from the MMC

Dear Medical Practitioners, Please be informe that the MMC has issued new guidance on CPD Activities. The documents are: Quality standards for CPD activities Approval Process for CPD Activities Review Committees of the CPD activities All doctors and CPD providers

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Attention doctors: the MMC wants to hear from you re draft of the 2019 Code of Professional Conduct

** IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR DOCTORS ** : The MMC has posted a draft for the Code of Professional Conduct 2019 and is requesting feedback from doctors. The link to the full draft of the MMC Code of Professional Conduct is

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Updated CPD FAQ from the MMC

The MMC Website has updated it’s FAQ on CPD. It is pertinent that all practicing doctors be aware since compulsory CPD is upon us and is required when you apply for your APC. The points will matter starting from 1

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