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Ever since the regulations for the Medical Act 1971 were updated in 2017, 2 important things affected doctors: 1) CPD became compulsory and doctors have to attain at least 20 CPD points (according to MMC guidelines). This was enforced in …

Professional Indemnity is compulsory by law for doctors but there is a glitch in the system Read More »

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The MMC has recently undergone a revamp. The new MeRITs system has come online and the search engine to verify registered Medical Practitioners by Name or MMC Registration number is: http://meritsmmc.moh.gov.my/search For registration number, you first have to select the …

How to search for Medical Practitioners Read More »

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In case you have been living under a rock, it is compulsory by LAW that you have to have 20 CPD points in the preceding CPD cycle year 1 July – 30 JUne (e.g. in 2019 when you apply for …

Doctors, did you fail to get 20 CPD points? No APC for you? Read More »

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