Attention doctors: How to apply for your APC Online

The APC or Annual Practicing Certificate is a mandatory legal requirement for practicing doctors and has to be renewed every year.
This year doctors have to apply Online for their APC and some doctors have yet to come to grips with the new process.
We have produced a short video guide to aid doctors.

Firstly, there is already a Manual for Renewal of the APC (it was originally available in the Merits homepage but has been removed; perhaps the manual is in the process of being revised). You can access it here for the time being but bear in mind things might change in the future.

As per the current steps that we are aware of, we have made it easy for you to follow the application steps with a brief video guide:

If you have any queries you can contact the Unit APC of the MMC (their Whatsapp and email contacts are stated in the video)
You may also ask your colleagues for help in DOBBS, Malaysia’s first and largest online community for doctors. If you are not a member, do join us by submitting your application at DOBBS membership is free.

Please also visit the Dobbs Youtube channel for more videos and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed of new videos.


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