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Post-call MVA: a real and present danger

Earlier this month we blogged about Post-call accidents in the light of the tragic deaths of young doctors in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) the day after calls. The DG did mention it here We also spoke about the various proposals

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Post-call accidents – time to revamp the system

(image credit to FMT) In the last few months we have seen couple of young doctors losing their lives in road traffic accidents post call. In May Dr Nurul Wahida Md Noor died in an accident having been on call

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Kepada Semua Ibu untuk pengetahuan anda

by Dr. John Teo & Dr. Nazatul Shiha Kepada anda yang mempunyai anak, sila TERUSKAN untuk menerima vaksin HPV percuma yang ditawarkan di sekolah dalam minggu ini. Harap teruskan membaca Butir – butir; Vaksin HPV berpotensi untuk mengurangkan kematian

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