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Improving Diabetic Care in Malaysia

(image credit : The Star) By Dato’ Dr. Lee Yan San (Consultant Physician & Medical advisor to Penang Diabetic Society) Diabetes Mellitus is becoming more common and is a major cause of severe medical complications and early death. Fortunately, although

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The worst reasons why people visit A&E

A&E stands for Accident & Emergencies but for some reason people seem to think it stands for “All & Everything”. The A&E is not a polyclinic to treat all your minor ailments. Non-urgent cases do clog up the A&E services

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Tumour markers revisited

It’s still happening in Malaysia where some private labs offer routine “cancer marker” screening to otherwise normal people. When used routinely there are many problems as this Malaysian doctor pointed out in our Facebook page: Hi guys, I am a

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