Tips for doctors on call

Busy calls can be quite taxing. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to prepare yourself and make life that much better when you go on call. You don’t have to dread that pager so much!

100 Tips from Doctors on Call from the Efficient MD is a great read.

What are your tips?

My main survival tips are:
– Always find time to rest as much as possible in between busy periods. Cat naps help refresh you.
– Coffee – lots of it.
– Don’t forget to find time to bathe. A quick shower is refreshing.
– Arm yourself with a Smartphone stuffed with essential references: drugs, emergency guides, protocols etc. Don’t forget a spare battery or charger! Portable external chargers are fairly inexpensive these days.
– If you are not sure, never hesitate to call for help. At the very least you have someone else to share the blame!
– Carry snacks with you. Hypoglycaemia isn’t a good thing when you are on call.
– pre-write PRN orders or else you will be disturbed more: Paracetamol, night sedation.

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