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A prelude to 1Care?

There has recently been a spate of publicity about Separation of Dispensing and a letter to the NST suggests all this may be a prelude to a “Healthcare Transformation” or what was previously termed 1Care. via the NST AMONG the

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1Care is still in the works – the end of Primary care as we know it?

After the Health Minister let the cat out of the bag that there will be a “radical financing healthcare plan” in the works and a mysterious “single non-profit public third party payer” will be an important player in this plan,

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1Care is still in the works – radical financing plan coming up?

While 1Care as a Healthcare transformation plan was bandied about for quite some time, drawing criticisms, the core missing piece, how it is going to be financed (merely through general taxation was something we doubted as the tax base in

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