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Query about Dialysis cost

Jay wrote in our MMR Facebook page: I hope someone can help me answer this question on GST. Before GST in April 2015, the cost of single dialysis treatment was RM90. After the implementation of GST, the cost went up

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Dialysis woes – a move towards CAPD?

(source: Wikipedia : Peritoneal Dialysis ) The Star reports on Dialysis subsidy drying up KUALA LUMPUR: Thousands of kidney patients are facing a tough time as the Health Ministry has not approved subsidies for haemodialysis treatment thus far this year.

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Haemodialysis Quality and Standards from the MOH

Especially in view of the recent “Dialysis Outrage” expressed by some NGOs, it is timely that the MOH has come up with it’s guide on Haemodialysis Quality and Standards. Download it here (PDF format) Related post: MSN Press Statement on

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