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The recent diphtheria death of a child, those with serious illness/admissions and the need for active health surveillance of many others is of grave concern. It appears we are reversing all our health gains in our country. The majority of …

When Children are Harmed by Vaccine Refusal Read More »

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From the DG’s Facebook page In the case of HPV vaccination our experience showed that the HPV is well tolerated. The side effects commonly reported are mild and within the accepted range of reported rates. In view of enormous public …

HPV Vaccination – MOH viewpoint and more points to ponder Read More »

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The original post The anti-vaccine movement is a dangerous one tried to explain the problem of believing the misinformation about vaccines spreading in the Internet. Parents who do not vaccinate their kids are not only putting the lives of their …

The anti-vaccine movement is a dangerous one II Read More »

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