Doctors on Facebook

This page will link to sites on Facebook started by Malaysian doctors or medical students. Some of this sites are open, some are closed groups – meaning you need to ask for access or be invited to join.

Aequanimitas is a site for the medical student in all of us whether we are doctors-wannabe or doctors-already-are. Aequanimitas is a site for continuing medical education. It is a virtual classroom, a site for u-learning e-medicine.
International medical discussion forums health professionals and students, you can post your questions, cases, and clear any doubts. Discuss viva or anything related to medical subject and allows you to share your views, reviews and comments about medical issues
Doctrina Perpetua – Forever Learning
A purely serious academic study group for better knowledge
Medical Research
A group for medical education and knowledge

Community groups and pages
Dobbs on Facebook
Dobbs is the Malaysian Medical online Community and Forum for all Malaysian doctors. This is the Facebook presence of Dobbs.
Dobbs Facebook Group
The purpose of the Dobbs Facebook group is to provide Dobbers who use Facebook with notifications about new and updated posts in the forum. Dobbs Facebook group is not intended as a forum due to privacy concerns about Facebook and also the fact that many Malaysian doctors are not on Facebook.
Doctor’s Life
A group to discuss daily issues that affects a doctor ( medical, dental and students) both on personal and national grounds.

Malaysian Medical Association
The official Facebook page of the MMA. Like this page and get updates from the MMA.

Malaysian Medical Gazette
The Facebook page of the MMG which publishes informative health education articles

Malaysian Medical Resources
Yes, this is our fan page. Go Like it 🙂

SCHOMOS is the section concerning house officers, medical officers and specialists which is the voice for doctors in public service.

Malaysian Anaesthesiologists
A Motley Crew of Gas Men and Women

Manipal Alumni Association
A group for all Malaysian graduates who have passed out of Manipal and Mangalore.