Support groups


Support groups & Foundations


Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia non-profit organisation set up to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other forms of dementia in Malaysia, and to help dementia patients and their families
Arthritis Foundation of Malaysia information and support on arthritic disorders
Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation
Malaysian Liver Foundation non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of liver, gallbladder and pancreatic diseases through education, training and research.
National Cancer Council Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) or National Cancer Council is a non-profit organisation, established on 30th March 1995 with the objective “to pool and utilise all efforts, expertise and finance from all sectors of the society, to fight cancer and reduce related pain, morbidity and the suffering that cancer patients undergo”.
The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia An independent, non-profit charitable organisation, NKF is dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from kidney diseases and kidney failure
Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation CARIF is the first independent cancer research unit to be established in Malaysia. It’s mission is to conduct fundamental and pioneering research on cancers prevalent in our country, with potentially far-reaching implications for diagnosis and therapy

Support groups

Malaysian CARE non-profit Christian organisation serving the community, including the disabled and in the mental health area
Malaysian Federation of the Deaf self help National Coordinating Body of all Deaf organisations in Malaysia serving the Deaf
Multiple Scerosis Society of Malaysia Website of the MS Society of Malaysia
Asia Community Service Non-profit organisation with the vision of empowering people with special needs towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life, based in Penang
Kiwanis Disability Information and Support Centre One-Stop Disability Resource Centre providing information, support and assistance to persons with disabilities and their families
Parents’ Resource for Autism Malaysia A group of parents having kids with autism and related disorders; with the common objective of sourcing for the latest and most successful methods for the treatment of autism to help achieve their best potential
Malaysian Information Network on Disabilities A BAKTI project, MIND serves as a resource for disability related information in Malaysia.
Nasam National Stroke Association of Malaysia. NASAM’s mission is to inform the public that there is Life After Stroke through proper rehabilitation and to promote the concept of stroke prevention
Psoriasis Forum Malaysia The Psoriasis Forum Malaysia aids to bring psoriasis patients together to help one another through discussion
Wet Hands Club A Malaysian support group for patients suffering from hyperhidrosis
Pink Ribbon R2R A Malaysian support group for breast cancer survivors
Doctor Budak An online avenue for parents to ask questions about child healthcare provided by Malaysian Paediatricians Med.My merupakan sebuah laman web kesihatan yang tidak berasaskan keuntungan dan menyediakan platform bagi memudahkan interaksi antara rakyat Malaysia dengan para doktor yang sah bertauliah serta berlesen daripada Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) atau Malaysian Dental Council (MDC).