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How to apply for Registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (Malaysian citizens and Permanent residents)

Registration with the MMC is a prerequisite for medical practice in Malaysia. All Malaysians studying or working abroad will need MMC registration before they start their housemanship or medical practice in Malaysia. Please note that Malaysians need to serve 3 years as “compulsory government service” before they can start private practice.

For further information and application forms, please write to :
The Secretary
Malaysian Medical Council
Ministry of Health
Ground Floor, Block B,
Jalan Cenderasari
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-22628480, 603-2262848
Email: [email protected]

You may also view the following MMA web page for more information:
Guidelines for full registration with the MMC for Malaysian Citizens

In order to register with the MMC, your basic Medical Degree needs to be in the list of Recognised Medical Schools from the MMC.
For Malaysians who graduate from non-recognised medical schools, you need to sit and pass a Qualifying Examination
Regarding the matter of the Unscheduled Universities Examination, Dr. Wan Mazlan Bin Md. Woojdy, Secretary,Malaysian Medical Council has kindly provided some answers to frequent questions:

i) Is the Unscheduled Examination open to graduates from ANY unrecognised medical school or is there a list of Unrecognised medical schools graduates of which are eligible to sit for the examination?

Ans – the unscheduled examination is open to graduates from any unscheduled universities provided:
a. he is a Malaysian citizen or related to Malaysian either by blood (either parents or both a PR) or marriage or a PR;
b. comes from a university that provides training for modern medicine;

ii) What is the application process and prcedure for the Unrecognised medical school graduates who wish to sit for this examination?

Ans – firstly, the examination dates will be published in major newspaper to inform and invite aspiring candidates. Usually it’s done twice a year (i.e in August/Sept and November). Application should be submitted within the stipulated time using specified forms available from us. Aspiring candidates should check with us from time to time as well as ensuring that their degree comes from colleges/universities that provide training for modern medicine.
For further clarification, you can contact Dr. Wan Mazlan (03 88831400) or Dr Rusnah (03 8883 1401)

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Foreign doctors
See the MMA web page on Guidelines for Registration with the MMC for Foreign Medical Officers