Update: Doctors’ Pages – HEART Talk

It’s not uncommon to find doctors who develop heart disease, after all doctors are human too. It is however uncommon to find a doctor who has ischaemic heart disease and then sets up a web site to educate people about coronary artery disease.

HEART Talk is unique in that it doesn’t just provide boring articles about CAD, but it provides “inciteful interviews with top experts in the medical field dealing with challenging issues of heart health and with personalities who have made a difference in their own journey of facing the uncertainties of life” . The site is the brain child of Dr Charles Lee, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon who hails from Sabah. Dr. Charles underwent an open heart bypass surgery in August 2011.

We have added HEART Talk to the MMR’s Doctors’ Pages, a collection of interesting websites maintained by Malaysian medical doctors. Well done, Dr. Charles!


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