Feedback: Enquiry about MMC recognised medical schools


Joanne writes in:

Hi, I have been looking at the list the Malaysian Medical Council Secretariat sent me. However, I cannot seem to find SEGI university and Quest International University Perak on the list. I did call up to QIUP and they told me that they ARE recgonised by the MMC and that the MMC has already sent about 9 Arabians to study at their university. I
am really worried on these two universities as I want to enroll on one of these two. Thank you for your time

Firstly just some links to pages we have compiled with information for anyone reading this:
Student links:
Medical schools in Malaysia:

From the first one you’ll see a link to the MMC website which has a list of MMC recognised schools. Click on the Second Schedule list of Registrable Qualifications and one will get a PDF of the list of recognised schools. The list is currently dated November 2014 so it may not reflect the latest changes and yes we confirm that SEGI and Quest are not on the recognised list as published on November 2014. The two schools you mention are also new and if there have not been any graduates yet, it is quite possible a final assessment has not been made on the recognition status.
If you really want to know the latest situation for schools not on the Novermber 2014 list, there is no other way but to call up the MMC (contact page) and ask specifically about these two schools. You could also try emailing the contacts listed there. Good luck and do provide feedback here in case you get any responses which might help others.


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