Mengkudu (Noni) does not work for diabetes mellitus

Honestly I don’t know how silly and naive people can be believing all sorts of nonsense and misinformation their friends, neighbours or relatives. Doc Chan posts a nice pic of a Glucometer reading 18.2 mmol/l, he says:

It’s amazing how much faith is put into traditional medicines and how much distrust in “western” medicine. Many patients are willing to stop all their medicines and take some traditional herbs or powders from their sinseh. Often the results vary greatly and the traditional medicines are more expensive. Anyway ditching your diabetic medicine for a mengkudu fruit doesnÂ’t work.

Mengkudu is Morinda citrifolia, which belongs to the [[Rubiaceae]] family. Another name for this is Noni and some time back, this was the Nutritional fad of the month, with sellers making fantastic claims that it could “cure” all manner of diseases. If only our local MOH would take a firm stance against such unsubstantiated claims like in the US where the Attorneys General Curb Claims for “Tahitian Noni” and the FDA taking action against websites making false claims about Noni juice.


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