Feedback: MMC Recognised medical schools

Jasmin writes in:

When will the MMC update its latest list of recognised universities?
Last update was 2007.
About the 146 Chinese Universities that recently signed MOU with Malaysian Govt in 2009. Are any of their MBBS programs recognised by MMC?

Hi. Thanks for asking. If you check the MMR’s main Schools Page you’ll find a link to the latest list of recognised medical shools – it’s currently November 2011 and not 2007. As for the other Universities (I can’t find the Chinese ones listed), it’s always best to check directly with the MMC for the latest in case there are any changes not yet updated in the file. The MMC’s current contact information is also in the same page.
Do note it was reported some time back that there are plans to reduce the number of medical schools in the list and we blogged about it here.



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