Dobbs update

The MMR maintains a forum for Malaysian doctors, the Doctors Only Bulletin Board System (fondly known as Dobbs). Registration in this site is free for all Malaysian doctors.

I have some exciting news this week – we have launched our second Dobbs Contest which is in a form of a Quiz on lymphoma. There are 10 questions in all – mostly in a simple True/False format.
If you want a quick revision you can always visit Medscape
but fear not. Just give it a go – you need not get all the answers right, the best answer is the one which wins the top prize.
This time the top prize is a 500 Gb External Hard Disk Drive!! There are 5 other runners-up prizes as well so what are you waiting for? The contest will be held over a two week period but do not wait until it is the last minute to enter!

To enter, just head over to:

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Existing Dobbers are reminded that they do not need to sign up again if you lost or forgotten your password – just click on the Lost password link

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