Care of Muslim Patients –- A Practical Guide

Care of Muslim Patients –- A Practical Guide is a new app developed by Elsevier (Singapore) for iOS which deals with the Dos and Don’ts of caring for Muslim Patients:


Perfect for use as a point-of-care reference, this app is a concise yet comprehensive resource for busy healthcare professionals. With a strong focus on the dos and don’ts of treating Muslim patients, it provides the medical profession with the information needed to appreciate the concerns of this community and thus improve the delivery of healthcare.

Developed in collaboration with the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA), this app also provides valuable insights into how Muslims view the process of illness and healing, with reference to medical literatures and the Quran.

• 26 chapters divided according to five main categories:
o Islam and Health Care
o Etiquette in Treating Muslim Patients
o Medical and Cultural Issues
o Permitted and Forbidden
o Medical Dilemmas

The initial download is free and comes with 4 free chapters – The Concept of Illness in Islam, General Consultation, Permitted and Forbidden Food and Abortion. The complete app costs $9.99


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