Dobbs update

TGIF and as the weekend approaches here are some Dobbs news.

The winners of Dobbs contest #2 should have received their prizes now – congrats once again. I am thinking of making Dobbs contest #3 a photo contest. Please see this thread for feedback on the nature of the photo contest and share your thoughts

Updated hot topics:
Latest news on how to get on the Socso panel for health screening
Updates on the DG/Khalwat scandal
Status of the TCM Bill

Recent topics of interest:
Economics of CXR in GP practice
MPCN effort in standardizing medical pricing list
12-12-12 babies
An inspiring article on elder care

As usual lots of CME posts in the CME forum

I am testing out the Polls feature in Dobbs. I’d appreciate if you could spend 15 seconds and take this very short poll on usage of Drug Interaction checking in your practice
So far the feedback is that the polls may not work in an iPhone or iPad in the default browser or Chrome but it may work in Dolphin browser for iOS. It should work fine in Android and normal Desktop browsers.
You can post your feedback about the poll function here

Lastly, for new Dobbers, the Welcome page has some starting tips
and do follow the Blog posts for more tips

As usual Dobbers are reminded that they do not need to sign up again if you lost or forgotten your password – just click on the Lost password link

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