Featured: Snakes alive! The Malaysian Society of Toxinology


There’s been a recent discussion in Dobbs, the Malaysian doctors forum, on Cobra bite, whereby a doctor told the tale of how someone trying to catch a cobra in his garden got bitten.
Anyway, the discussion on the emergency treatment of snakebites led to a local Emergency Medicine physician pointing out that there is a Malaysian Society of Toxinology and this group of doctors provides a service called RECS or Remote Envenomation Consultation Services Malaysia. RECS is basically a 24hrs voluntary ‘on call’ consultation service to assist healthcare providers at various levels of clinical management for snakebite (and bites/stings from other animals) and envenoming. Consultation is established through telephone calls, email and various forms of short text messaging systems.The phone contact is not published on the RECS page but you can email them here: [email protected]

We have added the Malaysian Society of Toxinology to our page listing Malaysian Professional Societies and Associations


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