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Another Dobbs update for the week is going out to Dobbers as a bulletin

Here are the picks of the week from the Forums

How to win a malpractice suit
If you happen to have the misfortune of being involved in one

Professional Fees: Can Doctors Police themselves?
Should we?

Curbs on admitting rights of visiting doctors in private hospitals?
Rumblings on new rules for visiting consultants to private hospitals

Amendments to the regulations under MMC Inc
Updated with link to detailed report from the FPMPAM/PMPASKL

GST is coming
The thread continues following Dr. Ng’s excellent explanation about GST. Do clinics with turnover above RM500,000 have to register?

The PDPA and doctors
Dobber @sklau asks what to do if the application submitted does not get a reply

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 CME Topics

Quick quiz: itch and fatigue
Quiz features the use of inline forum polls and “hidden answer” spoiler buttons

Quick quiz: ECG – what is this tachycardia?
Quiz features the use of inline forum polls and “hidden answer” spoiler buttons

ACCP CHEST Conundrum 31
Pulmonology quiz, also using the inline forum polls

Picks of the week from the Activity Timeline

Practice Changing UpDate: For laboratory-based HIV testing in patients
Another plane tragedy
Paronychia vs Felon
How a doctor got rich in the US suing companies for health care fraud
Dobbs Real-time chat  (Join in before all slots are used up!)
Star Wars Episode 8: Return to the Jetty

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