Dobbs update

The Malaysian Doctors Only Bulletin Board System (fondly known as Dobbs) has been in existence since 2000 and the latest version is more like an exclusive online community and more than just a forum.
Registration is free for all Malaysian doctors (whether based locally or overseas) and it just takes filling in the registration form in the Welcome page

Interactive Groups complete with forums in various categories that are currently available:
Dobbs General – general discussion
Malaysian Primary Care Network – for GPs
Case Discussions – General Medicine : CME
Doc2Doc : CME, doctor interaction
TechDoc: for the Tech inclined doctor
Humerus: Jokes and cartoons to brighten up your day
Jaga Itek: Alternatives to medicine watch
Medicolegal: like it says
Radiation zone: Interesting Xrays and scans
Lifestye: Hobbies, Recreation, Special interests
Marketplace: Financial matters
Politikus : Political talk
Shutterbug : for the camera bugs

Discussions in Dobbs are unlike what you see in Facebook – you can fully edit your posts, embed multiple videos and pictures in whole posts. As the posts are categorised, they are more organised and forum topics are fully searchable.
Member profiles are also searchable within Dobbs so you can network with your fellow doctors easily.

Apart from these discussion groups there are bonus services available to members (terms and conditions apply):
– free Fax to email service
– free Clinic or practice website
– free Locum advertising
– free Buy/Sell section (coming soon)

Interested? Join now – it’s free!
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